Record Breaking Year – 2018- for Food (poisoning!)

2018 is a record breaking year when it comes to food.. No, not food over-consumption… well, maybe that’s true too, but this story focuses on the record breaking year of food borne illnesses! The CDC would like you to believe it’s because of improved detection methods.. but no, it’s really just because there really have been an increase in food borne illnesses (ie: food poisoning from bacteria and parasites). Click here to get those details.  Romaine lettuce (the most popular type of lettuce) has been hit especially hard this year… helping to create this unwanted record breaker!

Those with pre-existing medical issues and immune disorders along with the very young and seniors are often hit the hardest.  Keeping your gut flora healthily balanced with pre and probiotics and pumping up on antioxidant and nutrient dense intakes can help keep the effects less harsh.

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