Rat Lungworm Disease Confirmed in the US

Eating and reading this one may not be a good idea! The third case of rat lungworm disease has been reported in Hawaii… Yes, rat lungworm… and it’s a real disease.. parasite caused, and difficult (at best) to treat. Click here to learn what it is and how it goes from rat to human.

Deli Meat and Cheese Recall – Listeria

First we were told to stop eating romaine lettuce, then avocados, next it was ground turkey, then ground beef, more recently sushi was added to the list and now… sounds like you may want to skip the deli counter! (click here for the details of this recall) The latest warning from the CDC involves a variety of deli meats and cheeses. The problem… listeria. The infections of the bacterium listeria monocytogenes have been reported in Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Several have been hospitalized and one death has been attributed to this listeria outbreak. It is just us, or does this food recall/warning seem to becoming the norm?

Record Breaking Year – 2018- for Food (poisoning!)

2018 is a record breaking year when it comes to food.. No, not food over-consumption… well, maybe that’s true too, but this story focuses on the record breaking year of food borne illnesses! The CDC would like you to believe it’s because of improved detection methods.. but no, it’s really just because there really have been an increase in food borne illnesses (ie: food poisoning from bacteria and parasites). Click here to get those details.  Romaine lettuce (the most popular type of lettuce) has been hit especially hard this year… helping to create this unwanted record breaker!

Those with pre-existing medical issues and immune disorders along with the very young and seniors are often hit the hardest.  Keeping your gut flora healthily balanced with pre and probiotics and pumping up on antioxidant and nutrient dense intakes can help keep the effects less harsh.

Tainted Ground Beef Sickens More

The number of those sickened from tainted ground beef continues to grow. The meat was sold at a variety of stores, including Walmart and Sam’s Club and under a variety of brand names. Click and read for full list and then check your fridges and freezers!

‘Kissing’ Bug Spreading Dangerous Parasitic Disease in US

The ‘kissing’ bug…  or maybe it should be renamed the ‘Kiss of Death’ bug. Carrying a parasite that can cause dangerous heart issues… this bug bites people’s faces as they sleep (yikes!!). Once only found in tropical areas outside of the US, it is spreading and is now found in people across the entire southern half of the US continent. With this bugs growing popularity comes more of the difficult to diagnose parasitic disease, Chagas. This is one bug you want to become familiar with and aware of! (As more and more diseases are being linked to parasites, beginning to understand why Dr. Clark named her book about parasites ‘The Cure for All Diseases’).  Find out what states have seen cases of this disease and learn what the symptoms are – Click here.