Parasite Outbreak Linked to McDonald’s Salads

Over 500 people sickened, 24 hospitalized in 16 different states.  As per the CDC: “Epidemiologic evidence indicates that salads purchased from McDonald’s restaurants are one likely source of these infections.”  The salads in question were contaminated by the cyclospora parasite , which causes intestinal illness in people who consume the contaminated food or water. Symptoms can begin a week or more after consuming the parasite. The illness can last from a few days to a few months, and patients might feel better but then get worse again. McDonalds pulled the salads back at the end of July and switched suppliers. For now, perhaps salads aren’t the healthiest choice at McDonalds.  Be in the know- stay safe and healthy. Full story – click here.

Great (Gross) New Reason To Wash Your Veggies!

When the CDC puts out a warning – it’s usually best to pay attention… Let’s just say this agency doesn’t ‘shoot from the hip’. The fact that the CDC is putting out warning about washing your vegetables (the reason is going to gross you out!) – means they have some pretty solid evidence and numerous cases to warrant a nation-wide message! Yikes… slugs with your salad???  Get the full story – click here.

Hookworms – From Trip to Beach

There are some possible hazards associated with going to the beach…  normally we think – sunburn, sharks, riptide.. How about a bad case of hookworm?  Yikes!!  We suggest that eating and reading this story might not be a good idea.  There are some graphic details that involve visible worms crawling inside of a boys. Want to read the details? Click here.

Raw Oysters Contaminated –

A few days ago this warning was attached to crab meat… today it’s to raw oysters. A man in FL died after eating raw oysters apparently contaminated with the bacteria Vibrio vulnificus – or more commonly referred to as the ‘flesh eating bacteria’. During summer months when the coastal waters are warmer, this bacteria is more prevalent. Might want to skip the raw the oysters – regardless of the state. Better safe than sorry. [Full story – Click Here]

Bad Bacteria – Illnesses Caused After Eating Tainted Crab Meat

Bacteria – and a bad one – is being linked to illnesses in three states and Washington DC after people consumed crab meat imported from Venezuela. The cause, vibrio bacteria… naturally live in coastal waters and can be found in higher concentrations May-Oct. when the waters are warmer. The resulting disease, vibriosis, can go from mild to deadly, as this bacteria can develop into a flesh eating bacteria!  Best not to eat raw or undercooked seafood and for now, better ask where that crab meat originated. [read full story CBSNEWS.COM]